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Amalgar Consulting
(Private) Limited

Who We Are

Amalgar is a management consulting company registered under Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) under the Companies Act, 2017 having its Corporate Universal Identification No. 0161954. Amalgar’s head office is based in Islamabad and regional offices in Lahore and Karachi. Research, Training and Communication are three core areas of our work. Art and culture are our learning domains and we are passionate about indigenous wisdom and craftsmanship.

Meaning of Amalgar

Amalgar has been carved out of Urdu language that means “action maker”. Coincidently, it has a very close synonymity with Paulo Coelho’s masterpiece “The Alchemist” from the name of the book to its core philosophy. At Amalgar too, we are in the quest of exploring human potential and unending power of ‘giving’ from self-awareness and recognition to self-improvement and reliance leading to a purposeful life of shared identity, relationships and happiness.

Philosophy – Giving Beyond Living

We, at Amalgar are convinced that “giving” is not about just donating. We firmly believe in teaching how to fish than just giving a fish.

So, we walk the talk.
7% of our monthly income goes directly to bring joy in the lives of our children, young girls, our own differently abled brothers and sisters and the great elders in the form of honorariums, scholarships, life skills-based income generating projects, nutrition, physical and mental health.

Approach – Let the Action Speak

Simplicity, clarity and humility in our language, messages, interactions - open to joining hands and learning from others


Making personal and collective wellbeing possible


By seeking knowledge, sharpening skills, mutual learning and sharing



It all began with a dynamic duo of two friends, Saeed and Salman. After spending almost 2 decades in the national and globally acclaimed nonprofits, Saeed is convinced that the charity is more than it appears or understood. The name of the organization and the tagline, “Giving beyond Living” which he came up with so aptly sum-up the basic intent behind setting up Amalgar. Salman on the other hand, brings with him unparalleled expertise and experience of the corporate sector and has already established himself as the most sought-after career coach and corporate trainer. Being the Managing Partner and Co-founder, Salman exudes ‘action’ which is embedded in the name, heart and soul of Amalgar. He is a doer and has always been passionate about making things happen. Training that includes but is not just limited to continuous personal and professional development, refining soft skills and promoting innovation and entrepreneurship is his forte. Fouzia Saeed chips in with her local to global exposure of training of teachers and education managers having early childhood education, care and development, leadership and management and all critical facets of formal and non-formal education are her core areas of specialization.

We, at Amalgar strongly believe that everyone has something to give, something to inspire, influence and communicate especially a story. We are writing ours and we can help create yours.